Winter Is Nigh

I’ve been absent for over a month, namely because I’ve been traveling.  I was in Fairbanks running a marathon the 2nd weekend of September, and then I left for Chicago for another marathon and some family stuff the 4th week in September.  I just returned the other night admidst great sadness, and I’m off to Chicago again shortly for more family stuff as soon as I’ve caught my breath here.  I’ll be back in early December, and I’ve got mad plans for a Gingerbread Quonset Hut Ghetto.  Can’t wait!

I did restart my Full Circle subscription this week, though, and I am looking forward to some fresh vegetables.  Until that box gets here on Thursday, there’s absolutely nothing to eat in the house in terms of vegetable or fruit, except the frozen berries and bananas I have in the tiny freezer.  I would have liked to have done a bunch of canning at the beginning of the semester for weeks like this, but with the move and teaching the new food course, there just wasn’t time.

We went for Chinese last night.  Crazy expensive and not so good.  The leftovers today were ok, but when I think of how much it cost, it’s ultimately depressing.