Back in the Kitchen


What a year this has been.  We are in the process of moving to a smaller abode – yes, smaller than the 20×15 space we’re currently in, and it doesn’t even have a kitchen!  Yikes!  However, the nearby building we will be using for bathrooms, shower, laundry, and food preparation has a huge kitchen that is quite an upgrade from the tiny quonset hut.

Yes, the oven door is broken and doesn’t open or close properly, but really, these are minor details.

We have counter space!  Gads of it.  I already have my Kitchen Aid mixer set up.  Already I’ve made pizza dough, apple pies, chocolate chip cookies, and jalfrezi curry. And that’s just in the last 4 days.



So I’m excited to do more.  I need to get this move finished, though.  A few more days and we’ll be done, and I can get more into the cooking/baking photography routine that I’ve been neglecting in the tiny hut.  No space means place to photograph my food.

When the food box comes this Thursday, we’re planning on trying a variation of this recipe from Taste Williams Sonoma.  I won’t have fresh shitake, but I do have dried shiitake and porcini that I could try to reconstitute, although I’ve found that that they rehydrated mushrooms work better for cooking than eating raw.  Also, I don’t have peanut/canola oil here, so we’ll be using either sesame or olive.  Lastly, I doubtfully will have mint sprigs, but we hopefully will get some cilantro in the farm box from Full Circle, and I am starting some red lentil sprouts today that should be read for use on Friday.

Hee haw.