Where is she?

She is languishing is Chicago.

Well, I’m not actually “languishing” anymore, as I am recovering, but in late October, back in Barrow, I hurt my back.

Herniated L5/S1.  Ouch.

Herniated L5/S1. Ouch.









With no MRI available in Barrow, I truly did languish for 3 weeks before amassing enough Vicodin to board a 12 hr flight to Chicago where my parents live, and I’ve been here ever since getting medical care.  I’m in my 10th week of PT now, and I’m doing much better.

Sadly, though, the Tundra Kitchen is closed until I’m back in Barrow in April.  Here in Chicago, I am on Day 6 of a 14 day detox juice cleanse that I designed.  Don’t worry – this is not a crazy Master Cleanse-type fast – just a detox cleanse.  For 14 days, I’m on a whole foods, high fiber, nutrient dense, vegan, GF, and mostly raw eating plan.  Berry smoothie in the a.m., green veg juice throughout the day plus solid snacks of fruit and nuts and homemade chips and salads and other tasty treats, and a light meal at night that has some whole grains and yummy veg.  No hunger, no calorie deficit — this is not a diet… I’m just trying to cut down on dairy, wheat, and oils for a spell and up my intake of nutrients.  My hope is that cutting down on some of the inflammatory foods I eat will help my back, but I’m not noticing a difference in my back so far.  I do feel great otherwise, and I’m thinking of returning to vegan full time bc of the difference in my skin.    The cleanse came about because my brother asked me about a detox cleanse – his NY resolution was to work on eating healthier, so I steered him away from the crazy starvation cleanses sold online for hundreds of bucks, developed a whole foods eating program for him, developed some recipes, put together a cookbook and shopping list to following, and voila – a cleanse was born.  I made it vegan and GF for him – that’s a huge stretch from his carnie ways, and then for me, since I have a juicer, I’m skipping the noon meal and having veggie juice – as much as I want, plus the breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks if I want them.  His cleanse is about 2200 cals a day, and I’m only taking in about 1600-1800, but I’m a girl and smaller. I’d get fat on his cleanse. 🙂

Since I’m on my back for the bulk of the day except when at the gym doing PT or in the pool, I’ve been looking at more food blogs than usual (so that’s A LOT) and getting tons of recipe ideas to try back in the Tundra Kitchen when I’m on my feet again.  I love the recipes and photos at What Katie Ate and Licking the Plate.  Food blogs that inspire me to try something new are the best.

So now you know – I’m not gone, just taking a mandatory break.