Challenges of cooking in a Barrow quonset hut

I’m here in Barrow finally, and the quonset hut we’re living in is TINY.  There isn’t a real kitchen to speak of – no countertops!  But we’ve got a work table in place and that is going to be the countertop and the workstation for baking bread and the pasta-making station.  The fridge leaks, the oven heats up the whole hut so much that you need to strip down to shorts and tshirt if you want to bake anything, and there is very limited shelf space.  However, we will make due because what choice do we have, right?

The food in the groceries is beyond expensive, and they have nothing organic, and the produce never looks very fresh.  We’ve opted to have food delivered from Full Circle, a CSA in Washington that services Alaska.  We get a box of veggies and fruits each week for $65.  So far, Full Circle delivery has been good but they are having issues with getting hte food up here.  I just received an email that for the 2nd week in a row, the delivery will be Friday instead of Thursday, so here I am, Thursday afternoon, and I’m out of food.

Since my food was already shipped from Washington and is in transit somewhere, you can bet that my greens will be slimed from getting too chilled in some freezer room with the freight company, that a good portion of the fruit will be bruised and/or molded, and the greens that aren’t slimed will be wilted.

Full Circle is good about giving credits when this happens, but that won’t do me much good since I’ll have to wait another week for the next food delivery.

So far, though, we’ve been faring well with what we’ve got, and I’ve started a tiny windowsill basil garden. I’m proud of what we’ve done so far.  We will have to get really good at planning our meals out – if we are missing an ingredient, it can take weeks to order it from Amazon, or if something spoils on the trip up with Full Circle, we are out of luck til the next shipment.

Flexibility, lack of options, and a tiny workspace are going to be the main challenges here.

Oh, and lack of alcohol.  Did I mention that Barrow is a dry village???

I’ll post some pics and recipes soon.  I just wanted to get this page up and running before it gets overwhelming here with work in the next 7 days.